!Arundina graminifolia [D Don] Hochr. 1910 Photo by Jay Pfahl

Another Flower Photo by Eric Hunt and his Orchid Photo Site

Plant Photos by Richard Alkema

Another Variable Flower

Another Variable Flower with plant Photos by Bhaskar Bora Assam India

Alba Flower from Mt Kinabalu

Alba Flower with plant

Another Color Flower from Mt Kinabalu Photos by Geoffrey Marshall

FragrantSunnyHot TO CoolSpringSummerFallWinter

Common Name The Grass-Like Leaf Arundina - The Bamboo Orchid - In China Zhu Ye Lan

Flower Size 2 1/2" [6.25 cm]

Commonly called the bamboo orchid because of it's thin, tall stem with alternating, lanceolate, acuminate leaves, appears to be bamboo, as a giant sized, hot to cool growing, polypodial, terrestrial orchid occuring at elevations of sealevel to 1200 meters and blooms through out the year on a terminal, 3 1/4" [8 cm] long, simple or branched, scapose, bracteate inflorescence that carries 2 to 6, fragrant, Cattleya-like flowers, one at a time, that are short-lasting yet successive so the bloom time is extended. It has the same cultural requirements as Sobralia. This plant has been enlarging it's distribution from Asia as it has colonized many new habitats, including Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Jamaica and Guadeloupe. This species can keiki from just below the raceme after flowering.

Synonyms Arundina affinis Griff. 1851; Arundina bambusifolia [Roxb]Lindley 1831; Arundina cantleyi Hook. f. 1890; Arundina celebica Schltr. 1911; Arundina chinensis Blume 1825; Arundina densa Lindley 1842; Arundina densiflora Hook. f. 1890; Arundina graminifolia var. revoluta (Hook. f.) A.L. Lamb 1994; Arundina maculata J.J. Sm. 1933; Arundina meyenii (Schauer) Rchb. f. 1852; Arundina minor Lindl. 1831; Arundina philippi Rchb. f. 1852; Arundina pulchella Teijsm. & Binn. 1855; Arundina pulchra Miq. 1861; Arundina revoluta Hkr.f 1890; Arundina sanderiana Kraenzl. 1893; Arundina speciosa Bl. 1825; Arundina speciosa var. sarasinorum Schltr. 1925; Arundina stenopetala Gagnep. 1932; Arundina subsessilis Rolfe 1914; Arundina tahitensis Nadeaud 1873; *Bletia graminifolia D. Don 1825; Cymbidium bambusifolium [Lindley]Roxb. 1814; Cymbidium meyenii Schauer 1843; Cymbidium speciosum Reinw. ex Lindl. 1859; Donacopsis laotica Gagnep. 1932; Limodorum graminifolium [D.Don] Buch.-Ham. 1890; Ophrys arundinacea Noronha 1790

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