SECTION Brevisaccata Kraenzl. 1910

TYPE: = Dendrobium agrostophyllum F. Mueller 1872

Synonyms Section Trachyrhizum Schlechter 1912; Trachyrhizum [Schlechter] Brieger 1981

Characterized by the upright, linear to obclavate, leafy all along, growing for up to 3 years, to 3' 4" [1 meter] or more long stems that blooms on several, terminal, short, multiflowered inflorescence carrying rather small flowers with a unique, hinged, spatulate lip structure, a saccate mentum that is ribbed by the arching column foot which gives rise to the sepals and a median keel that projects backward as a retrose internal spur.

  1. !Dendrobium agrostophyllum F. Mueller 1872 TYPE for the Section; northeastern Queesland, Australia

  2. Dendrobium angustipetalum J.J.Sm. 1905 Moluccas and New Guinea

  3. Dendrobium chalmersii F.Muell. 1882 northeastern New Guinea

  4. Dendrobium cyrtolobum Schltr.1912 New Guinea

  5. Dendrobium prostheciglossum Schltr. 1912 Papua and New Guinea, New Britain and Vanuatu

  6. Dendrobium taeniocaule Schuit., Juswara & Droissart 2016 New Guinea

  7. Dendrobium viridiflorum F.M.Bailey 1898 Moluccas, New Guinea and the Solomon Islands