Bulbophyllum ovalifolium [Bl] Lindl. 1830 SECTION Macrocaulia (Bl.) Aver 1994Type for the section

Photo by © Eric Hunt

Plant and Flower

Photo By Andy's Orchids, Copyright © 2002 All rights reserved

Plant and Flower in situ Cameron Highlands Malaysia

Photo by David Kuehn


Common Name The Oval-Leafed Bulbophyllum - In China Luan Ye Shi Dou Lan

Flower Size 1/2" to 3/4" [1.25 cm to 2]

Found in the Chinese Himalayas, Thailand, Malaysia, Sumatra, Java, Borneo, lesser Sunda Islands and Sulawesi in montane forests at elevations of 900 to 2500 meters as a miniature sized, cold to warm growing epiphyte with a creeping, many branched, mat forming rhizome giving rise to close set, chain-like, oblong, ovoid to globose, somewhat laterally flattened, nearly prostrate to oblique pseudobulbs carrying a single, apical, thinly leathery, oval, oblong to elliptic, obtuse, petiolate base leaf that blooms in spring through fall on a 1 1/2" to 2 1/2"[3.75 to 6 cm] long, single flowered inflorescence holding the flower above the leaf

The flower has a lot of variations through its range.

Synonyms Bulbophyllum amblyoglossum Schltr. 1911; Bulbophyllum ariel Ridl. 1917; Bulbophyllum diploncos Schltr. 1911; Bulbophyllum ovatilabellum Seidenf. 1979; Bulbophyllum parvulum Lindl. 1830; Bulbophyllum pusillum (Blume) Rchb.f. 1857; Bulbophyllum tinea Ridl. 1909; Bulbophyllum xylocarpi J.J.Sm. 1927; Diphyes hirsuta Blume 1825; *Diphyes ovalifolia Bl. 1825; Diphyes pusilla Blume 1825; Phyllorkis ovalifolia [Bl] Kuntze 1891; Phyllorkis parvula (Lindl.) Kuntze 1891

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