Catasetum integerrimum Hooker 1840 SUBGENUS Catasetum SECTION Isoceras Photo courtesy of Jay Pfahl

Plant In situ in Mexico Photo courtesy of Weyman Bussey

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Common Name The Intact Catasetum

Flower Size 3" [7.5 cm]

A warm to hot growing epiphyte found on trees in humid forests, coffee plantations and open country at elevations up to 1850 meters that is from Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Cuba? with ovoid to fusiform pseudobulbs carrying 6 to 8, oblong-lanceolate, deciduous leaves and blooms in the late spring till fall on an arching to suberect, 8" [25 cm] long, racemose inflorescence with bracts arising on a mature pseudobulb. The 3 to 10 fleshy, fragrant flowers do not open well, and they can be male [rightmost flowers in photo], female [leftmost flowers in photo] or hermaphroditic. The flowers appear to be monks wearing cowls and as all Catasetums have the capability of ejecting their pollina [arrow 2 in photo] from the male flower, up to 8 feet with the purpose of depositing it on an insects back that is rummaging around the flower. The photo here shows both male and female flowers and if examined closely [ arrow 1 in photo], you can see the pollina within the stigmatic cavity.

Synonyms Catasetum integrinum Beer; Catasetum integerrimum var flavescens Cogn. 1894; Catasetum integerrimum var. luteo-purpureum Cogn. 1902; Catasetum integerrimum var. purpurascens Hook. 1840; Catasetum integerrimum var. viridiflorum Hook. 1840; Catasetum maculatum Bateman non Kunth 1822; Catasetum wailesii Hkr. 1842

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