Cattleya percivaliana [Rchb.f] O'Brien 1883 SUBGENUS Cattleya SECTION Cattleya Lindley Photo by Jay Pfahl

Another Color Form Photo by Patricia Harding


Common Name Percival's Cattleya or Christmas Cattleya [English Orchid Enthusiast 1800's]

Flower Size Max of 5" [12.5 cm]

This is a large sized, cool growing, largely lithophytic, but sometimes epiphytic species that is endemic to Venezuela [Listed as from Colombia], found at altitudes of 1300 to 2000 meters in full sun near rivers, with clavate, broadest in the middle, compressed, green pseudobulbs carrying a single apical, narrowly oblong-elliptic, rigid, suberect, obtuse leaf and blooms in the summer through the winter on a terminal, to 10" [ to 25 cm] long, few flowered, short lived, racemose inflorescence with a large, basal, green sheath that carries 2 to 4, musty, fragrant flowers.

Synonyms *Cattleya labiata var percivaliana Rchb.f 1882; Cattleya percivaliana f. alba (R.Warner & B.S.Williams) M.Wolff & O.Gruss 2007; Cattleya percivaliana f. bicolor (Rolfe) M.Wolff & O.Gruss 200; Cattleya percivaliana var. alba R.Warner & B.S.Williams 1884; Cattleya percivaliana var. bicolor Rolfe 1896; Cattleya percivaliana var. grandiflora Cogn. & A.Gooss. 1903

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Cattleya percivaliana (Rchb. f.) O'Brien 1883 var. alba SUBGENUS Cattleya SECTION Cattleya Lindley Photo by David Morris and Clackamas Orchids

Cattleya percivaliana (Rchb. f.) O'Brien 1883 var coerulea SUBGENUS Cattleya SECTION Cattleya Lindley Photo by David Jubineau and His Bulbophyllum Pages Copyright

to A color variety of the previous species.

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