!Cochleanthes flabelliformis (Sw.) R.E. Schult. & Garay 1959

Photo by Tennis Maynard

Common Name or Meaning The Fan-Shaped Cochleanthes - In Cuba - Lechuga

Flower Size 3" [7.5 cm]

Found in Jamaica, Honduras, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Colombia and Brazil in relatively undisturbed, wet, montane forests at elevations of 250 to 1200 meters as a caespitose, small to medium sized, hot to cool growing epiphyte or lithophyte in deep shade with ample humidity and has basally overlapping, linear-lanceolate, pale green, basally articulate leaves that are held in a loose, 2 ranked fan which blooms in the summer on a stout, erect, axillary, 4" [10 cm] long peduncle with a single, waxy, short-lived flower which is large and fragrant.

Synonyms Chondrorhyncha flabelliformis (Sw.) Alai 1962; Cochleanthes fragrans Raf. 1836; Cymbidium flabellifolium Griseb. 1864; Cymbidium flabelliforme (Sw.) Sw 1799; *Epidendrum flabelliforme Sw. 1788; Eulophia cochlearis (Lindl.) Steud. 1840; Eulophia cochleata Hort. 1838; Huntleya imbricata Hort. ex Rchb.f 1852; Pescatorea cochlearis Rolfe 1906; Warczewiczella cochlearis [Lindley] Rchb.f 1852; Warczewiczella cochleata [Lindley] Barb. Rodr. 1883; Warczewiczella flabelliformis (Sw.) Cogn. 1909; Warczewiczella flabelliformis var atroviolacea Cogn. 1897; Warczewiczella flabelliformis var marginata Cogn. 1898; Warczewiczella flabelliformis var peetersii Cogn. 1898; Warczewiczella gibeziae Rchb.f 1892; Zygopetalum cochleare Lindley 1836; Zygopetalum cochleatum Paxt 1838; Zygopetalum conchaceum Hoffm.1863; Zygopetalum flabelliforme (Sw.) Rchb. f. 1861; Zygopetalum gibeziae N.E.Br. 1888

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