Coilostylis clavatum [Raf.] Withner & Harding 2004

Plant and FlowerPhoto by Dalton Holland Baptista


Common Name The Club Shaped Epidendrum [refers to the pseudobulbs]

Flower Size 2 5/8" [6.5 cm]

Found in Costa Rica, French Guiana, Surinam, Guyana, Venezuela, Colombia and Brazil at elevations of 200 to 500 meters as a small sized, hot growing epiphyte with dark brown to olive green, often hard-shiny, medium compressed but not sharp edged pseudobulbs with a brown, very ragged sheath and carrying a single, apical, elliptical, stiff but not particularly thick leaf that is conduplicate into the apex of the pseudobulb. Flowering occurs through out the spring and summer on a terminal, erect, 10" [25 cm] long, few flowered racemose inflorescence arising on a newly forming pseudobulb and carrying fragrant, longlasting flowers.

This is a easy growing orchid in hot environments, potted, medium shade and even water and fertilizer year round will ensure a happy blooming plant.

This species is often confused with Coilostylis vivipara and often plants with the epiteth E purpurescens are actually C vivipara - if the pseudobulbs are cylindrical, not bulbous and the inflorescence has the tendency to keiki one above the other so it is possible to have several plants blooming at once then the orchidis Coilostylis viviparum.

Synonyms Auliza clavatum [Lindley] Brieger 1977; *Didiothion clavatum Raf 1838; Epidendrum clavatum Lindley 1836; Epidendrum clavatum var purpurescens [Focke] Cogn. 1898; Epidendrum glumibracteum Rchb.f 1863; Epidendrum psilanthemum Loefgren 1917; ; Epidendrum purpurascens Focke 1851; Maxillaria glumibracteum (Rchb.f.) Hemsl. 1884

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