Cyrtochilum funis (F.Lehm. & Kraenzl.) Kraenzl. 1917 SECTION Myanthium Lindley

Plant [keiki] on inflorescence and flower in situ 2600 meters Jardin Antioquia Colombia 5/2014

Flower in situ 2800 meters Jardin Antioquia Colombia 1/2016

Side View of Flower in situ 2800 meters Jardin Antioquia Colombia 1/2016

Photos by © Jay Pfahl

Another flower

Photo by © Ecuagenera and their Ecuador Orchid Website

Flower and Lip comparisons

Photos by © Deburgraeve, Moreno and Guttierez Morales

Part shadeCold LATEWinter SpringSummer Fall

Common Name or Meaning The Rope-Like Cyrtochilum [refers to the long wiry rhizome that gives rise to keikis like on an inflorescence growths]

Flower Size .6" [1.5 cm]

Found in Colombia and Ecuador in dense upper montane cloud forests at elevations of 2600 to 3600 meters as a small sized, cold growing terrestrial or epiphyte with a caespitose to slightly creeping to a long wiry rhizome that gives rise to keikis, like on an inflorescence, ovate, slightly flattened pseudobulbs enveloped partially below by distichous sheaths becoming leaf bearing above and carrying a single, apical, erect, narrowly obovate, acute, becoming conduplicate below into the elongate petiolate base leaf that blooms in the late winter through fall on an axillary, erect, elongate to 4' [120cm] long, scandent, twinning and strongly twisting, scabrous, paniculate, wiry,strongly twisting, many flowered inflorescence that can have plantlets arising from older inflorescence.

This species is sympatric and can be confused with C fiducularium but it has a shorter, stouter column and the additional apical, angular column lobes.

Synonyms Cyrtochilum scandens Kraenzl 1922; Dasyglossum funis (F.Lehm. & Kraenzl.) Königer & Schildh. 1994; Irenea funis (F.Lehm. & Kraenzl.) Szlach., Mytnik, Górniak & Romowicz 2006; Odontoglossum funis (F.Lehm. & Kraenzl.) Garay 1970; *Oncidium funis F.Lehm. & Kraenzl. 1899; Trigonochilum funis (F.Lehm. & Kraenzl.) Senghas 1997

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