Cyrtochilum pastasae (Rchb. f.) Kraenzl. 1917 SECTION Eucyrtochilum Kranzlin

Photo By Ecuagenera Orchid Website


Photo By Henry Oakeley

Plant in situ Ecuador

Photo by Lourens Grobler


Common Name The Pastaza Cyrtochilum [An Ecuadorian Province in the east]

Flower Size 2" [5 cm]

Found in southern Colombia, Ecuador and Peru in very wet montane forests at elevations of 1200 to 3200 meters as a medium to large sized, cool to cold growing epiphyte or terrestrial on steep slopes with an elongate, creeping rhizome carrying ovate-elongate pseudobulbs that are enveloped basally by several distichous, foliaceous sheaths and carrying 2 apical, ligulate, coriaceous leaves that blooms in the fall and winter on a basal, arising from the leaf axils, elongate, viney, scandent, to 10' [to 300 cm.] long, peduncel to 3'4" [100 cm] long, paniculate, heavily branched, each branch to 32" [80 cm] long, many rebranching each branch 7 to 8 flowered, many flowered inflorescence arising on a mature pseudobulb and carrying showy, very full, cup shaped flowers.

Synonyms *Oncidium pastasae Rchb. f. 1877

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