Dactylorhiza durandii (Boiss. & Reut.) M.Laínz 1971

Plant and flowers in situ Morocco Photos by © H. Baumann and his The Swiss Orchid Foundation at the Jany Renz Herbaria Website


Common Name Durand's Dactylorhiza

Flower Size

Found in northern Morocco and northern Algeria as a small to medium sized, cool growing terrestrial and blooms in the later spring

Synonyms Dactylorchis maurusia (Emb. & Maire) Verm. 1947; Dactylorhiza elata subsp. durandii (Boiss. & Reut.) Soo 1962; Dactylorhiza maculata subsp. maurusia (Emb. & Maire) Soo 1962; Dactylorhiza maurusia (Emb. & Maire) Holub 1973; *Orchis durandii Boiss. & Reut. 1852; Orchis elata subsp. durandii (Boiss. & Reut.) Soó 1927; Orchis elata subvar. durandiana Maire & Weiller 1959; Orchis incarnata subsp. durandii (Boiss. & Reut.) E.G.Camus 1908; Orchis incarnata var. durandii (Boiss. & Reut.) Willk. 1861; Orchis incarnata var. xauensis Pau & Font Quer 1929; Orchis latifolia subsp. durandii (Boiss. & Reut.) Batt. 1895; Orchis latifolia var. durandii (Boiss. & Reut.) Ball 1878; Orchis maculata subsp. maurusia (Emb. & Maire) Maire & Weiller 1959 publ. 1960; Orchis maurusia Emb. & Maire 1930; Orchis sesquipedalis var. durandii (Boiss. & Reut.) Briq. 1910

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