Dendrobium barbatulum Lindley 1851 SECTION Fytchianthe TYPE for the Section

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Plant and Inflorescence

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Flowers in situ India

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Common Name The Small-Bearded Dendrobium

Flower Size 1/2" [1.25 cm]

Found in southern and southwestern India in dry-deciduous, moist-deciduous and semi-evergreen forests as a small to medium sized, cool growing epiphytic species found on bushes and small trees at an elevation of 1500 meters where they recieve ample direct sun in the winter dry season which kicks off the winter and spring blooming on an axillary, stout, 3.2" [8 cm] long, racemose inflorescence arising from at or near the apex of a psuedobulb and carrying 8 to 15, nonfragrant white flowers. The purplish brown, tapered, curved pseudobulb is swollen at the base and carries narrowly lanceolate leaves.

Often mistaken for D fytchianum but this one differs in the acute petals and the the acute lip apex. Occurence is a big factor as well as D fytchianum comes from Myanmar and Malaysa,

Synonyms Callista barbatula (Wight) Kuntze 1891

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