Dendrobium gracilicaule F. Muell. 1894 SECTION Dendrocoryne Photo by Copyright W C Schraut and Orchids and More Website

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Closer Flower Shot Photos by Eric Hunt, plant grown by Golden Gate Orchids

Another view and color form Photo by David P. Banks Australia Copyright

Another Color Form Photo by Patricia Harding

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Common Name The Delicate Stems Dendrobium - In Australia The Blotched Cane Orchid - The Yellow Cane Orchid

Flower Size 1/2 to almost 1" [1.25 to 2.4 cm]

A medium to large sized, hot to warm growing epiphytic and sometimes lithophytic species from Queensland and New South Wales Australia as well as New Caledonia where it is found below 600 meters in sunny situations with erect, basally swollen, cylindrical, greyish stems carrying 3 to 6, longly lanceolate to ovate, acuminate, thin textured leaves flowering in the late winter and spring as younger plants and becoming freeflowering with age on a drooping few to many [5 to 40], fragrant flowered inflorescence arising from the nodes near the apex of mature canes.

Give this species a distinct dry winter starting in the mid fall and withhold fertilizer until new growth appears in the spring.

Some references say D comptonii is a synonym for this species as well. I have kept them and their representative synonyms separate for now.

Similar to and often cited as synomonous with D comptoni but D gracilicaule differs in the very cordate, longitudianlly folded lip apex that is not revolute

Synonyms Callista elongata (A.Cunn. ex Lindl.) Kuntze 1891; Callista gracilicaulis (F. Muell.) Kuntze 1891; Dendrobium brisbanense Rchb.f 1861; Dendrobium elongatum A. Cunningham not Lindley 1839; Dendrobium floribundum Rchb.f. 1875; Dendrobium macropus [Endl.]Rchb.f 1889 subsps. gracilicaule [F.Mueller]P.Green; Thelychiton gracilicaulis (F.Muell.) M.A.Clem. & D.L.Jones 2002; Tropilis gracilicaulis (F. Muell.) Butzin 1982

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