Dendrobium insigne [Bl.]Rchb. f. ex Miq. 1859 SECTION Grastidium

Another Flower Photo by Wolfgang H. Bandisch Copyright 1998, 1999 All rights reserved. And his Papua & New Guinea Orchid Species site

Flower Closeup Photo by David Jubineau and His Bulbophyllum Pages Copyright

Common Name The Splendid Dendrobium - In Australia The Mangrove Tartan Orchid

Flower Size 3/4" to 2" [2 to 5 cm]

A widely distributed, coastal, medium sized, hot to warm growing epiphyte and occasional terrestrial found in Papua and New Guinea, Queensland Australia and surrounding islands at elevations of 0 to 600 meters that grows exposed on solitary trees in full sun and can be found on the tips of small branches of mangrove trees with woody, brittle pseudobulbs carrying many, variable sized leaves with the apical ones the smallest and blooms on nodes all along the cane with a very short raceme with 1 to 2, short lived, fragrant flowers occuring at any time of the year that is initiated by a 10 degree farenheight drop in temperature.

This species prefers some direct sunlight and can tolerate drought-like conditions. Put in a pot or grow on a tree. Water and fertilizer should be reduced somewhat through the winter months and resumed only with the onset of new growth.

Sole member of the section Dichopus.

Synonyms Callista insignis (Rchb. f. ex Miq.) Kuntze 1891; Dendrobium gazellae Kraenzl. 1886; Dendrobium insigne var. subsimplex J.J.Sm. 1911; Dendrobium lyperanthiflorum Kraenzl. 1894; Dendrobium obcuneatum F.M. Bailey 1906; Dendrobium pentactis Kraenzl. 1910; *Dichopus insignis Blume 1856; Grastidium insigne (Blume) M.A.Clem. & D.L.Jones 1997; Grastidium lyperanthiflorum (Kraenzl.) Rauschert 1983; Grastidium obcuneatum (F.M.Bailey) M.A.Clem. & D.L.Jones 1983

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