Dendrobium lamellatum [Bl.] Lindley 1830 SECTION Platycaulon

Photo by Rachmat Setiawan and his Flickr Orchid Photo Website

Part sun Hot WarmWinter LATESpringSummer

Common Name The Laminae Dendrobium [refers to the lips calli]

Flower Size .9" [2.2 cm]

Found only in Java at elevations of 460 to 900 meters as a miniature to small sized, hot to warm growing epiphyte with green stems carrying cactus like, broad, thin, very flat and slighly curved or cupped leaves that are clustered towards the apex and blooms in the winter, late spring and summer on an arching to pendulous, racemose, few to several flowered inflorescence arising from the nodes at the apex of the stem and having pendulous flowers that do not open fully.

This species and D compressum have been tangled up for a century, I have come to the conclusion that this species only comes from western Java and that D compressum is widespread throughout Malesia. My research has come to the conclusion that D lamellatum has at least 5 up to 7, low, even in height, lammelae on the lip while D compressum has 3 that come to a peak towards the base of the lip. Den pseudolamellatum has 7 keels with the middle 1 being lower and does not go as far back as the others. That being said I have not found a good photo proving that hypothosis so please use with

CAUTION! I do think that the flowers of all three species [ D compressum, D lamellatum and D pseudolamellatum] are represented correctly on this site but I cannot prove it conclusively.

Synonyms Callista lamellata (Blume) Kuntze 1891; Eurycaulis lamellatus (Blume) M.A.Clem. & D.L.Jones 2002; *Onychium lamellatum Blume 1825; Pedilonum lamellatum (Blume) Brieger 1981

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