Dendrobium panduriferum Hook. f. 1890 SECTION Calcarifera

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TYPE Drawing

TYPE Drawingof D panduratum var serpens

TYPE Drawings by J D Hooker

Part Shade Hot Warm Spring

Common Name The Lute-Shaped Lip Dendrobium

Flower Size .4 to .68" [1 to 1.7 cm]

Found in Myanmar, penninsular Thailand, Malaysia and Sabah Borneo in low montane forests high in trees at elevations around 250 to 600 meters as a small to medium sized, hot to warm growing epiphyte with weak, flexuous, grooved, cylindrical, basally narrowing cane-like stems carrying 10, thin, lanceolate-elliptic, acute, deciduous, basally clasping leaves that blooms in the spring on a 1 to 2" [2.5 to 5 cm] long, 6 to 12 flowered inflorescence arising from near the middle to near the top of leafless canes and carries flowers that can be spotted or striped or variations in between.

D panduriferum is distinguished by the half moon shaped transverse callus at the base of the mid lobe between the side lobes, which either side of the callus the edges of he blade fold into the side lobes continuing as longitudinal, somewhat converging folds on the mid lobe giving the lip a fiddle-shaped appearance hence the species name panduriferum.

Synonyms Callista pandurifera (Hook.f.) Kuntze 1891; Dendrobium panduriferum Hook. f. var serpens Hkr.f 1890; Dendrobium serpens [Hkr.f] Hook. f. 1895; Dendrobium virescens Ridl.1896; Eurycaulis pandurifer (Hook.f.) M.A.Clem 2003; Pedilonum panduriferum (Hook.f.) Brieger 1981; Pedilonum serpens (Hook.f.) Brieger 1981

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