Dendrobium hymenanthum Rchb.f not Hkr. 1855 SECTION Bolbodium

Photo by Jay Pfahl.

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Photo by Lourens Grobler

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Photo by Ekkehard Schwadtke and Lanta Orchid Nursery and Orchid Garden Khaolak Website

FragrancePart sun HotLATESpring TO EARLYSummer

Common Name The Membranous Dendrobium refers to the thin textured flowers]

Flower Size 1" [2.5 cm]

Found in India?, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Borneo and the Philippines as a mini-miniature sized, hot growing epiphyte found from sealevel to 300 meters with slender, rigid, erect, sharply 4 angled stems carrying 2, apical, oblong, leathery leaves and blooms in the late spring or early summer on an axillary, very short, single flowered, fragrant inflorescence that arises from the nodes near the apex of the cane and between the leaves with short-lived, fragrant, successively opening flowers.

For 3 to 4 months in the winter, water and fertilizer should be reduced, yet leaving the plants from drying completely. Resumption of regular water and fertilizer should begin with the onset of new growth in the spring.

Synonyms Bolbodium hymenanthum (Rchb. f.) Rauschert 1983; Bolbodium quadrangulare (Rchb. f.) Brieger 1981; Callista hymenantha (Rchb. f.) Kuntze 1891; Callista quadrangularis (Rchb. f.) Kuntze 1891; Dendrobium hymenanthum Vidal ?; Dendrobium pumilum C.S.P.Parish & Rchb.f. 1894; Dendrobium quadrangulare Rchb.f 1886; Dendrobium quadrangulare Parish ex Hook. f. 1895; Dendrochilum hymenanthum Vidal ?; Dendrobium pumilum C.S.P.Parish & Rchb.f. 1894

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