Epidendrum pseudodifforme Hoehne & Schltr. 1925 GROUP Difforme

Plant and Flowers in situ Brazil

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TYPE Drawing

TYPE Photo by © L. F. Varella/TYPE Drawing by © R Jimenez M and The AMO Herbaria Website

Common Name The False Difforme Epidendrum

Flower Size 1" {2.5 cm]

Found in Minas Gerais, Sao Paulo and Rio Grande do Sul states of Brazil in the Mata Atlântica at elevations of 200 to 1050 meters as a medium sized, hot to cool growing epiphyte with terete, flexuous stems carrying 3 to 7, leaf-sheath tubular, blade narrowly ovate-elliptic, retuse to bilobed, coriaceous, green, margin entire leaves that blooms in the Brazilian summer on a terminal, without a spathe, from the mature stems, sub-umbellate, flowering only once, sub-sessile, peduncle ca. .2" [5 mm] long, reduced, simultaneously 4 to 8 flowered inflorescence with shorter than the ovary, ovate, acute floral bracts and carrying 4 to 8, resupinate, green sweetly fragrant, green flowers.

"Epidendrum pseudodifforme belongs to the GROUP Difforme which is recognized by the caespitose, sympodial plants, fleshy, pale green to glaucous leaves, apical, sessile inflorescence, rarely with a short peduncle, one-flowered to corymbose, without spathaceous bracts, fleshy, green to yellowish green rarely white flowers. The species can be recognized by its terete stems 3.2 to 5.2" [8 to 13 cm] tall, leaves .6 to .68" [1.5-1.7 cm] wide, 4 to 8 flowered, flowers with a sweet fragrance, sepals .48 to .52" [12 to 13 mm] long, lip 3 lobed-reniform, margin crenulate, disc with several drops of sweet exudate, mid-lobe with a deep sinus to emarginate, column somewhat arcuate, .32 to .36" [8 to 9 mm] long, clinandrium dentate-lacerate. It is similar to Epidendrum difforme Jacq., which has ancipitose stems, margin of the lip entire to crenulate, mid-lobe of the lip sub-quadrate, disc without any exudate, clinandrium-hood erose. Epidendrum thiagoi Hágsater & L.Sánchez has taller plants, 4.8 to 10" [12 to 25 cm] tall, stems somewhat laterally compressed, narrow leaves, .32 to .52" [0.8 to 1.3 cm] wide, 1 to 3 flowers, without any drops of exudate, margin of the lip entire, and the column shorter, .24 to .32" [6 to 8 mm] long. Epidendrum campaccii Hágsater & L.Sánchez, has taller plants, 4.4 to 10" [11-25 cm] tall, wider leaves, .64 to 1.04" [1.6 to 2.6 cm] wide, larger flowers sepals ,56 to .62" [14.0 to 15.5 mm] long, lip with an entire margin, and a straight, long column, .42 to .44" [10.5 to 11.0 mm] long." Hagsater etal 2015


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