Eria lasiopetala (Willd.) Ormerod 1995 SECTION Dendrolirium

Photo by © Eric Hunt

Another Flower

Photo by Jay Pfahl

Part shade Hot Cool Spring EARLYSummer

Common Name The Shaggy Petaled Eria - In China Bai Mian Rong Lan

Flower Size 1/2" [1.25 cm]

Found in the eastern Himalayas, Assam, India, Nepal, the western Himalayas, Bangladesh, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Hainan provinces of China, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Penninsular Malaysia, Java and Sumatra at elevations of 390 to 2100 meters in primary montane forests as a medium sized, hot to cool growing lithophyte or occasional terrestrial with a woody rhizome that has 1.6 to 2" betweeen each fusiform-ellipsoid, laterally compressed, furrowed pseudobulb enveloped basally by membraneous sheaths and carrying 2 to 5, lanceolate-oblong, acute to acuminate, grooved petiolate base leaves that blooms in northern hemisphere in April on a lateral, basal, erect, pubescent, racemose, 4 to 8" [10 to 20 cm] long, subdensely 7 to 12 flowered inflorescence with imbricate, ovate, acute sheaths and lanceolate, persistent, acute floral bracts.

This species and E albidotomentosa are closely related and may be synomonous but I have left them apart at this time.

Synonyms *Aerides lasiopetala Willd. 1805; Dendrobium pubescens Hook. 1824; Dendrolirium lasiopetalum (Willd.) S.C.Chen & J.J.Wood 2009; Epidendrum flos-aeris J.König 1791; Epidendrum lasiopetalum (Willd.) Poir. 1810; Eria flava Lindl. 1830; Eria lanata Griff. 1851; Eria polystachya Wight 1851; Eria pubescens (Hook.) Lindl. ex Loudon 1830; Eria pubescens var. lanata (Griff.) Karth. 1989; Octomeria flava Wall. ex Steud. 1841; Octomeria pubescens (Hook.) Spreng. 1827; Pinalia pubescens (Hook.) Kuntze 1891; Trias flava Mason 1860; Trias lanata (Griff.) Mason 1860

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