Govenia praecox Salazar & E.W.Greenw. 1993


TYPE Drawing Photos/TYPE Drawing by © Salazar & Greenwood and The Herbario AMO Website

Common Name The Early Developing Govenia [refers to the flowers being produced before the lea ves mature]

Flower Size .42 to 1" [1.5 to 2.5 cm ] long

Found in Veracruz state of Mexico in rich organic, sometimes clayey, soil, in somewhat disturbed places within the mountain rainforest and humid oak forest in ravines, from 1300 to about 1700 meters as a medium to just large sized, cool growing terrestrial with a obliquely ovoid to subglobose, visibly 4 noded, corm giving rise to 2, petiolate, petioles from the uppermost nodes of (l 'e corm, tubular, concentnc, quadrate in cross section, three of the angles are continuous with the three main veins of the leaf and are very sharp and prominent, the fourth angle (continuous with the line of fusion of the blade margins) is rounded and not prominent, articulate, blades deciduous only after the new growth is half grown, the new ones not fully developed by flowering, ascending - arcuate, plica te elliptic, light green, iridescent under strong light, to ca. 43 cm long from the juncture of the petiole to the apex ,base tapering into the pe t io l ~ and articulate with it, channeled, con.sP lcuously three - angled dorsally; margins entHe to obscurely undulate leaves that blooms in the spring on an erect, peduncel arising from an upper internode of the corm, erect, stiff, round, 35-65 cm long including the inflorescence, rachis 1.8 to 3.6" [4.5-9 cm] long, , cylindrical, dark red, paler upwards and near the base pale green; successively several, 10 to 40 flowered inflorescence with sessile, about half as long as the ovary and Iying close to it,when flattened, sublanceolate, the base wide, apex long - tapering, acute, 3- veined; when fresh, lu~trous, al~ost white, red - brown- flushed along the aXIal zone, when dried scarious - membranous b:own floral bracts and carrying ascending, small for the genus diurnally, agreeably fragrant flwoers

Synonyms Tamayorkis hintonii (Todzia) R.González & Szlach. 1998

References W3 Tropicos, Kew Monocot list , *Orquídea (Méx.) 13(1-2): 113. Salazar & Greenwood 1993 drawing/photo fide