Habenaria acianthoides Schltr. 1924

Drawing by Wu Zhanghua

Deep Shade Warm Cool Summer

Common Name The Aciantha Like Habenaria - In China Xiao Hua Yu Feng Hua

Flower Size .28" [7mm]

Found in east Qinghai, western Sichuan and southern Gansu provinces of China in forests and thickets at elevations of 900 to 1900 meters as a small sized, warm to cool growing terrestrial with ovoid, fleshy tubers giving rise to an erect to ascending, slender, glabrous stem with a basal leaf and 2 to 3 bract-like leaves above, carrying green to purplish red, ovate-orbucular, slightly fleshy, subcordate, mucronate apically leaves that blooms in the summer on a terminal, 7.2 to 8" [18 to 20 cm] long, rachis [8 to 12 cm] long, secund, 10 to 20 flowered inflorescence with ovate-lanceolate, much shorter than the ovary, acuminate floral bracts and carrying very small green flowers.


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