Herminium lanceum (Thunb. ex Sw.) Vuikj. 1961

Photo by J B Comber courtesy of André Schuiteman, Dr. E.F. de Vogel and Jaap Vermeulen and Their Netherlands National Herbarium Website

Plant and Flowers in situ Arunachal Pradesh

Photo by © Magnus Liden

Full Shade  Warm Cool LATE Spring Summer

Common Name or Meaning The Lanceolate Leaf Herminum - In China Cha Chun Jiao Pan Lan - In Thailand Ueang muang

Flower Size .1" [3mm]

Found in Mongolia, China, Japan, the Ryukyu Islands, Korea, Taiwan, Assam, Eastern Himalayas, Nepal, Pakistan, Western Himalayas, Myanamar, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia Java, Lesser Sunda Islands, Sulawesi, New Guinea and the Philippines in montane grasslands and pineforests at elevations of [900] 1200 to 2000 [3200] meters as a medium to large sized, warm to cool growing terrestrial with erect stems carrying 1 to 4, 2 basal and larger, 2 higher up and smaller, linear to linear-lanceolate, acute leaves that blooms in the summer on an erect, slender, cylindrical, 10 to 24" [25 to 60 cm] long, densely 50 to 80 flowered inflorescence with a few sterile leaf bracts and has about 2/3's of the flowers open at any one time.

CAUTION! ! The lip of this species can be quite variable from short wih almost equal length lobes, to .2" [5 mm] long, outer lobes with the central lobe being 1/10 th as t long.

Synonyms Aceras angustifolium Lindl. 1832; Aceras angustifolium var. longicrure (C.Wright ex A.Gray) Miq. 1866; Aceras lanceum (Thunb. ex Sw.) Steud. 1840; Aceras longicruris C.Wright ex A.Gray 1859; Herminium altigenum Schltr. 1922; Herminium angustifolium (Lindl.) Benth. ex C.B.Clarke 1889; Herminium angustifolium var. brevilabre Tang & F.T.Wang 1951; Herminium angustifolium var. longicruris (C.Wright ex A.Gray) Makino 1896; Herminium angustifolium var. nematolobum Hand.-Mazz. 1936 Herminium lanceum var. longicrure (C.Wright ex A.Gray) H.Hara 1969; Herminium longicrure (C.Wright ex A.Gray) Tang & F.T.Wang 1951; Herminium minutiflorum Schltr. 1924; Herminium stenostachyum Tang & F.T.Wang 1936; Monorchis angustifolia (Lindl.) O.Schwarz 1949; Monorchis minutiflora (Schltr.) O.Schwarz 1949; *Ophrys lancea Thunb. ex Sw. 1800; Platanthera angustifolia (Lindl.) Rchb.f. 1878; Satyrium lanceum (Thunb. ex Sw.) Pers. 1807; Spiranthes lancea (Thunb. ex Sw.) Bakh.f. & Steenis 1950

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