Scaphyglottis bidentata (Lindl.) Dressler 2002

Photo by the Orchid Pavilion © .

Specimen Plant

Photo by Jay Pfahl © .

Plant in situ Panama

Photo by Wilfried Löderbusch


Common Name Bidentate Scaphyglottis

Flower Size to 1" [2.2 cm]

Found from Costa Rica , Panama, Colombia Venezuela, Guyana, French Guiana, Surinam, Ecuador, Peru and Brazil in low gallery forests at elevations below 2000 meters as a miniature sized, ho to cool growing epiphyte that has 3 to 4 segmented, with hairs at each segmental joint, narrowly elliptic pseudobulbs arising out of the apex of the bottom larger narrowly elliptcic pseudobulb and each segment has some root growth arising from the segmental joint and carrying 1 to 2, apical, linear, acute, basally clasping leaves. This species flowers through the summer and they occur on a short to 1 1/2" [3.75 cm] long, sheathed, racemose inflorescence with a few flowers arising from the apex of the uppermost pseudobulb segment.

The distinguishing characteristic between this species and Scaphyglottis imbricata is color on the lip. This species has a purple to maroon spot on the lip while S imbricata has a yellow area around the callus. The stigma is enclosed by column outgrowths in this species while in S. imbricata it is not.

Synonyms Hexisea bidentata Lindley 1834

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