Homalopetalum pumilio (Rchb. f.) Schltr. 1923 Photo by Alexander Hirtz

A thiner flower

Plant Photo Photos by Milan Vagner


Common Name Dwarf Homalopetalum

Flower Size to almost 2" [to almost 6 cm]

This miniature sized, cool to warm growing, trailing, pendant, epiphytic or lithophytic species with tiny mule ear leaves is found from Mexico Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Peru on scrubby trees on larger branches and trunks or moss and lichen covered rocks in damp oak and pine forests with a dry season often in shade at elevetions of 500-2000 meters with ovate-eliptic pseudobulbs subtended by imbricate triangular sheaths and carrying a single subcoriaceous, ovate-lanceolate, carinate beneath leaf that is conduplicate at the base and blooms on a terminal, arcuate to pendant, short to 3" [2.5 to 7.7 cm], single flowered inflorescence arising on mature growths and occuring in the spring and summer and holding the nocturnally fragrant [herbal to watermelon] flowers just above leaf length. Cool, constant damp conditions will be needed and it is best mounted on a slab.

Synonyms Bletia pumilio Rchb.f 1862; *Brassavola pumilio Rchb.f 1844; Homalopetalum costaricensis Schltr. 1923; Homalopetalum lehmanniana (Kraenzl.) Schltr. 1923; Pinelia lehmanniana Kraenzl. 1899; Pinelia pumilio (Rchb. f.) Schltr. 1918; Pinelia tuerckheimii Krzl. 1930; Restrepia lehmanniana (Kraenzl.) Schltr. 1907; Sessilibulbum pumila (Ames) Brieger

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