!Ionopsis utricularioides [Sw.]Lindley 1826

Photo by © Jay Pfahl

Flower Closeup

Photo by © Weyman Bussey

Specimen Plant

Photo by © Nik Fahmi

I utricularioides var virginalis

Photo by © L C Menezes

Part shadeHotTo CoolSpringand Summer

Common Name The Delicate Violet Ionopsis

Flower Size less than 1/2" to 3/4" [less than 1.1 to 2 cm]

I collected this plant in Jamaica but they are also found in Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Haiti, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Leewards, Puerto Rico, Trinidad & Tobago, Windward, French Guiana, Surinam, Venezuela Colombia, Ecuador, Galapagos, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay and Brazil even being found rarely in Florida at elevations ranging from sealevel to 1300 meters, where it blooms in the spring and summer, and is a miniature to medium sized, cool to hot growing epiphyte found at altitudes up to 1100 meters in humid forests and citrus groves. It is a small, scrambling plant with ellipsoid, compressed, 1/2" psuedobulbs that bear a single, apical, linear to oblong-elliptic, acute leaf and 2 to 3, 6" linear or lanceolate, carinate, stiff and imbricate leaves that surround and enfold the rhizome and, a basal, erect, up to 3' long, branching panicle, terminating in densly numerous flowers that open in succession over months. The color of the flowers ranges from white to pink, lavender to purple and are quite a site in full bloom.

Synonyms Cybelion pallidiflorum (Hook. f.) Spreng. 1826; Cybelion pulchellum (Kunth) Spreng. 1826; Cybelion tenerum (Lindl.) Steud. 1840; Cybelion utriculariae (Sw.) Spreng. 1826; Dendrobium utricularioides [Sw.] 1799; Epidendrum calcaratum Sessé & Moc. 1894; Epidendrum crenatum Vell. 1827; Epidendrum paniculatum (Lindl.) Rchb.f. 1865; Epidendrum sessei Hoehne 1952; *Epidendrum utricularioides Sw. 1788; Iantha pallidiflora Hkr. 1824; Ionopsis deliciosa Linden & Rchb.f 1856; Ionopsis gardneri Lindl. 1851; Ionopsis pallidiflora Lindley 1836; Ionopsis paniculata Lindl. 1836; Ionopsis pulchella Kunth 1815; Ionopsis pulchella Lindley 1846; Ionopsis tenera Lindley 1836; Ionopsis tenera var effusa Lindley 1853; Ionopsis tenera var tomentosa Lindley 1853; Ionopsis tenera var violacea Lindley 1853; Ionopsis utricularioides f. virginalis (L.C.Menezes) Christenson 1996; Ionopsis utricularioides var. latifolia Cogn 1903; Ionopsis utricularioides var. violacea Lindl. 1852; Ionopsis utricularioides var. virginalis L.C.Menezes 1993; Ionopsis zonalis Lindley & Paxt. 1851; Scaphyglottis pallidiflora (Hook.) Lindl. 1839

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