Lepanthes manabina Dodson 1980 SUBGENUS Lepanthes SECTION Lepanthes SUBSECTION Lepanthes SERIES Lepanthes

Flower Closeup

Flower in situ Jardin Colombia 1/6/16

Flower in situ Jardin Colombia 1/6/16

Plant and Flower in situ Jardin Colombia 1/6/16

Plant in situ Jardin Colombia 1/6/16

Photos by Jay Pfahl.

What is known as L mastodon

Photo by Jay Pfahl

Another Flower L cf mastodon?

Photo by Lourens Grobler

TYPE Drawing

TYPE drawing by Carl Luer


Common Name The Manabi Lepanthes [A Western Ecuador State]

Flower Size 1/4" [6 mm]

Found in Colombia and northern Ecuador in cloud forests at elevations of 1600 to 2500 meters as a miniature sized, cool to cold growing epiphyte with suberect to erect, slender ramicauls enveloped by 4 to 12 minutely pubescent, lepanthiform sheaths carrying a single, apical, erect, coriaceous, suberect to horizontal, finely pubescent, ovate leaf that is dark green with purple beneath and somewhat reticulate that is always in bud or flower on an elongating, 2 1/4" [6 cm] succesively single flowered inflorescence arising from the leaf base and held against the leaf.

"Recognized by the metallic greenish brown flower resting in the sulcus on top of a convex leaf. The lepanthiform sheaths are marked, dilated and acuminate apically. The apices of the sepals are acuminate-caudate which are often, but not always, incurved like elephant tusks, the petals are transverse with a proportionally larger upper lobe, the blades of the lip are oblong and the appendix is triangular in the sinus of the body." Luer 1996

This species is close to L smaragdina but it has broadly ovate, obtuse, tailless and not concave dorsal sepal and the lateral sepals are connate to form an ovate synsepal with an acute split apex. Also similar is L ortiziana, but it has lateral sepals that are spreading rather than approximate and the petals are wider with more or less uncinate, incurved upper lobes.

Synonyms Lepanthes mastodon Luer 1983

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