SECTION Lepanthanthe Schlechter 1913

TYPE: = Bulbophyllum lepanthiflorum Schltr. 1913

Synonyms SECTION Trachyrachis Schlechter 1913

This section has creeping rhizomes giving rise to shoots proximally fused to the minute pseudobulb carrying a single apical, persistent leaf that blooms on a racemose, many flowered inflorescence with spirally arranged, resupinate flowers that has the pedicel basal node above the attachment of the floral bracts. The free equal sepals have an apical, fleshy subulate projection and the margins are glabrous, to papillose to ciliate, usually 3 veined, abaxially keeled or not. Dorsal sepal free, laterals sometimes connate along their lower margins. The petals have a single vein and their margins are erose, entire, glabrous to ciliate. The undivided or trilobed, mobile lip is on a thin ligament. The rostellum of the column has an anterior surface that is even with the stelida apices, or receding in between these, the stigm is proximally usually protruding. The stelida are 1/2 or shorter than the length of the column and often have a tooth along the lower margin. The anterior suface of the anther is not concave, the anterior margin is drawn out to a beak or not and there are 2 pollina.

There are 17 species in this section from forests up to 3300 meters in New Guinea and the western Pacific Islands.

Entries below with an asterix are listed in publications by J J Vermeullen and so are more likely correct than ones without. Species with a question mark in front, seem to me to not conform and so please use with caution.

  1. Bulbophyllum antennatum Schltr. 1905 New Guinea

  2. Bulbophyllum baculiferum Ridl. 1916 New Guinea

  3. Bulbophyllum bulliferum J.J.Sm. 1908 New Guinea and Papua New Guinea

  4. Bulbophyllum cruttwellii J.J.Verm.1993 New Guinea

  5. Bulbophyllum erinaceum Schltr. 1913 New Guinea

  6. Bulbophyllum globulosum (Ridl.) Schuit. & de Vogel 2003 - Western New Guinea

  7. Bulbophyllum inquirendum J.J.Verm. 1993 New Guinea

  8. Bulbophyllum lagaroglossum J.J.Verm. 2008 Papua New Guinea

  9. *!Bulbophyllum lepanthiflorum Schltr. 1913 Papua New Guinea

  10. Bulbophyllum leptophyllum W.Kittr. 1984 publ. 1985 New Guinea

  11. Bulbophyllum parabates J.J.Verm. 1991 Papua New Guinea

  12. Bulbophyllum paulianum J J Verm. Schuit. & de Vogel 2014 Papua New Guinea

  13. Bulbophyllum quasimodo J.J.Verm. 1991 New Guinea

  14. Bulbophyllum thersites J.J.Verm. 1993 New Guinea

  15. Bulbophyllum toranum J.J.Sm. 1912 Indonesia and Papua New Guinea

  16. Bulbophyllum trachypus Schltr. 1913 New Guinea

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