!Leptotes bicolor Lindley 1833 Photo by Jay Pfahl

Side angle of flower

Inflorescence Photo by Joseph Dougherty

Var alba Photo by Lourens Grobler


Common Name Bicolored Leptotes

Flower Size 1 1/2 to 2" [3.5 to 5 cm]

A beautiful, miniature, warm growing epiphyte from Brazil and Paraguay in subtropical rainforest and coastal mountains at elevations of 500 to 900 meters with terete pencil-like psuedobulbs covered basally by several membraneous sheaths and has a single, apical, erect or spreading, subcylindric, acute, deeply grooved dorsally, shiny, dark green leaf, and large, 1 to 3, successively opening, fragrant flowers on a 3/4" [2 cm] long, inflorescence shorter than and arising from the base of the leaves, occuring in the late winter or early spring.

This miniature orchid grows very well attached to tree fern with bright light and humid conditions.

In Brazil extracts from this plant's fruit capsules have been used to flavor milk, ice cream and sherbert exactly as we use vanilla.

Synonyms Bletia bicolor Rchb.f ?; Leptotes bicolor var. glaucophylla Hook. 1839; Leptotes glaucophylla Hoffmannsegg 1843; Leptotes serrulata Lindl. 1838; Tetramicra bicolor [Lindley] Benth. 1883; Tetramicra serrulata Nichols 1887

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