Limodorum abortivum (Linne) Swartz 1799

Photo courtesy of Pascal Pernot and His Orchids of France and Europe

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Common Name The Crippled Limodorum [Refers to the partially opening flower]

Flower Size 2" [5 cm]

A small to large sized, cold to cool growing terrestrial orchid found in Portugal, Spain, France, Balearic Islands, Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Yugoslavia, Albania, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Eastern Aegean Islands, Cyprus, Turkey, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Iraq and Iran in part sun on cool calcareous substrates in woodland fringes and short grasslands at elevations to 2300 meters with a violet to brownish stem enveloped by bract-like leaves for it's entire length until the inflorescence also carrying bracts that are slightly longer than the ovary that blooms in spring and early summer on an erect, 4 to 13.2" [10 to 33 cm] long, 4 to 25 flowered, racemose inflorescence.

Synonyms Centrosis abortiva Swartz 1814; Epipactis abortiva All. 1785; Ionorchis abortiva (L.) Beck 1890; Jonorchis abortiva Beck 1890; Limodorum abortivum f. brevicornu Rohlena 1907; Limodorum abortivum f. brulloi (Bartolo & Pulv.) P.Delforge 2006; Limodorum abortivum f. gracile (B.Willing & E.Willing) P.Delforge 2004; Limodorum abortivum f. sphaerolabium (Viv.) So 1928; Limodorum abortivum f. thracum (Presser) P.Delforge 2006; Limodorum abortivum subsp. gracile B.Willing & E.Willing 1981; Limodorum abortivum subsp. mezekii Delip. & Cheshm. 1997; Limodorum abortivum subsp. occidentale Rouy 1912; Limodorum abortivum var. abbreviatum Gren. & Godr. 1855; Limodorum abortivum var. anatolicum K.Koch 1846; Limodorum abortivum var. gracile (B.Willing & E.Willing) Kreutz 2004; Limodorum abortivum var. rubrum H.Sund. ex Kreutz 1997; Limodorum abortivum var. sphaerolabium (Viv.) Nyman 1882; Limodorum brulloi Bartolo & Pulv. 1993; Limodorum generale E.H.L.Krause 1905; Limodorum sphaerochilos Spreng. 1827; Limodorum sphaerolabium Viv. 1825; Limodorum trabutianum subsp. brulloi (Bartolo & Pulv.) H.Baumann & R.Lorenz 2005; Limodorum trabutianum var. brulloi (Bartolo & Pulv.) P.Delforge 2000; Limodorum trabutianum var. thracum (Presser) Kreutz 2006; Neottia abortiva Clairv. 1811; *Orchis abortiva Linne 1753; Serapias abortiva Scop 1772

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