Liparis condylobulbon Rchb. f. 1862 SUBGENUS Cestichis SECTION Blepharoglossum Schlechter

Plant and Flowers

Flower Closeup

Photos by Jay Pfahl

Part shadeHot To Cool WinterSpringSummer Fall

Common Name Refers to the shape of the Pseudobulbs] - In Australia The Tapered Sphinx Orchid - In China Xi Jing Yang Er Suan

Flower Size 1/8" to 1/4" [3 to 6 mm]

Found in Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Lesser Sunda Islands, New Guinea, Moluccas, Sulawesi, the Philippinea, Solomom Islands, Queensland Australia, New Caledonia, Fiji, Samoa, Vanuatu, Santa Cruz Islands, Wallis and Futna and Taiwan on mossy tree trunks at elevations around sea-level to 1600 meters as a small to medium sized, hot to cool growing epiphyte or lithophyte with narrowly flask-shaped pseudobulbs carrying 1 to 2 narrowly lanceolate, thin textured leaves and flowers in the fall, winter spring and summer on a terminal, arching 4 to 10" [10 to 25 cm] racemose, densely many [50] flowered inflorescence emerging from a narrowly triangular green bract.

It is most often found on the upperside of low tree branches over beaches and lagoons and is a large mat of many plants. It can also be found in the mid level canopy of rainforests in large mat colonies on larger branches. High humidity, good ventilation, scattered dappled sun and an open epiphytic mix are required for proper growth.

Synonyms Cestichis condylobulbon ( Rchb.f. ) M.A.Clem. & D.L.Jones 2005; Cestichis persimilis ( Schltr. ) M.A.Clem. & D.L.Jones 2005; Cestichis vestita Ames 1908; Gyrostachys nesophila (Rchb.f.) Kuntze 1891; Leptorchis condylobulbon [Rchb.f] Kuntze 1891; Liparis amboinensis J.J.Sm. 1914; Liparis clemensiae (Ames) Ames 1915; Liparis confusa J.J. Sm. 1905; Liparis confusa J.J. Sm. var amboinensis J.J.Sm. 1905; Liparis confusa var. latifolia J.J.Sm. 1915; Liparis dolichopoda Hayata 1914; Liparis flaccida Schlechter?; Liparis nesophila Rchb. f. 1878; Liparis persimilis Schltr. 1911; Liparis savaiiensis H.Fleischm. & Rech. 1910; Liparis treubii J.J.Sm. 1917; Stichorkis condylobulbon (Rchb.f.) Marg., Szlach. & Kulak 2008; Stichorkis persimilis ( Schltr. ) Marg. , Szlach. & Ku?ak 2008

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