Lophiaris andrewsiae R.Jiménez & Carnevali 2001

photo by Ranis Cerdita


Common Name Andrews' Lophiaris [Joann M Andrews American pioneer in Yucatan Orchidology current]

Flower Size .6 to .88" [1.5 to 2.2 cm]

Found in Campeche state of Mexico at lower elevations as a small sized, hot growing, caespitose to shortly creeping epiphyte with a short rhizome giving rise to subcylindrical, , very reduced, slightly compressed, green, smooth pseudobulbs enveloped basally by 4, deciduous, triangular to narrowly triangular, acute to acuminate, scarious-papyraceous, non-foliar sheaths and carrying a single, oblong-ellipitc, acute, fleshy coriaceous, surface somewhat scbrid, dull wholly green to blotched with dull dark red brown, dorsally carinate leaves that blooms in the late summer and early fall on an erect to horizontal, arising from the base of a mature pseudobulb, peduncle 6 to 20" 15 to 50 cm] long, greenish to reddish tinged, provided with triangular, scarious-papyraceous, obtuse to acute bracts, racemose to paniculate, 2 to 6 branched, secondary branches on the lowermost branches, 8 to 40" [20 to 100 cm] long, mostly simultaneous, 10 to 30+ flowered inflorescence with cucullate, triangular, aacute to acuminate, semi-amplexicaul, much shorter than the ovary floral bracts and carryijng showy flowers.

Most similar to L oerstedii but L andrewsiae differs in the somewhat larger flowes, the narrow isthmus to the lip, callus consists of 5 elevated, sharply defines teeth and different column wings.

Synonyms Trichocentrum andrewsiae (R.Jiménez & Carnevali) R.Jiménez & Carnevali 2002 publ. 2003

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