Lycaste aromatica [Graham ex Hooker] Lindley 1843 SECTION Aromaticae

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Common Name The Sweet Scented Lycaste

Flower Size to almost 3" [to almost 7.6 cm]

A medium to large, cool to warm growing epiphyte on mossy branches, lithophyte on damp limestone cliffs or occasional terrestrial in tropical semi-deciduous forests or warm oak forests in ravines along streams from Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador, with ovate, compressed pseudobulbs subtended by fibrous sheaths and carrying deciduous, lanceolate, plicate, acuminate, basally clasping leaves, smells of cinnamon, and it blooms in late spring-summer along with the onset of new growth and there may be up to 10 erect, short to 6" [ 15 cm], brown sheathed, single flowered spikes per pseudobulb.

They are a deciduous plant so as the leaves brown up to fall it is time to give less water. As a lithophytic grower it is often found on damp limestone cliffs or epiphytically on mossy trees in moist cool woodlands between 500 and 2000 meters and has ovoid, compressed, sulcate pseudobulbs with 2 to 3 apical spines after the leaf falls and several scarious sheaths at the base from which the inflorescence arises with 2 to 3 deciduous, plicate, oblong-elliptic to elliptic obovate, acuminate leaves that are absent at blooming.

Similar to L crinita but differs in pseudobulbs and leaves less robust, the disc of the lip less pubescent, and the scapes are shorter as well as found on the eastern slopes of Vera Cruz and Chiapas instead of the western or Pacific slopes.

Synonyms Colax aromaticus [Hooker]Sprengel 1826; Lycaste aromatica var. hartleyorum Oakley 2001; Lycaste aromatica var. majus auct 1926; Lycaste aromatica var. retroflexa Oakley 2001; Lycaste consobrina Rchb.f 1852; Lycaste suaveolens Summerhayes 1931; *Maxillaria aromatica Hooker 1826; Maxillaria consobrina Beer ex Schlechter ?; Selbyana aromatica (Graham) Archila 2010

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