SECTION Monophyllaea Bentham 1873

TYPE: = Dendrobium monophyllum F.Muell. 1858

Synonyms Australorchis Brieger 1981; Section Australorchis [Brieger] Dockrill 1982; Section Dendrocoryne Subsection Monophylla Pfitz 1889;

Characterized by the smooth roots, ovoid, 1 to 2 noded, swollen pseudobulbscarrying 12 or 2, terminal, long, thin, slim leaves that blooms on a nodding to pendulous, pseudoterminal inflorescence arising on the newest mature pseudobulb and carrying compact flowers. They are also endemic to Australia.

  1. Dendrobium carrii Rupp & C.T. White 1937 Australia

  2. !Dendrobium monophyllum F.Muell. 1858 TYPE for the Section; Australia

  3. Dendrobium schneiderae F.M. Bailey 1886 Australia