Epidendrum pseudowallisii Schltr. 1923 GROUP Oerstedella SUBGROUP Wallisii

Photo by © JC & E George and The Orchidstudium Website

Part shade Cool Cold

Common Name The False Wallisii Epidendrum

Flower Size

Found in Costa Rica at elevations of 2000 meters and is a cool to cold growing epiphyte.

Differs from it's namesake E. wallisii by its smallness, the narrowness and lack of the keels on the lip, as well as wider petals.

"Epidendrum wallisii Rchb. f. is part of GROUP Oerstedella SUBGROUP Wallisii characterized by the large fleshy flowers, an entire to trilobed lip, a petaloid clinandrium and obovoid, laterally compressed pollina with granulose caudicles. The species has fewer, much larger flowers than E pseudoschumannianum with sepals .6 to .92" [15to 23 mm] long, sepals and petals yellow, sometlmes wlth reddish brown dots, and the lip white turning yellowish, with purple lines or dots; known from Costa Rica to western Colombia It is similar to E. schumannianum Schltr. which differs in the blue-violet to pink flowers with some violet to reddish brown dots, the pink-lilac lip with violet veins or dots; the lateral lobes of the lip are falcate to subrectangular, apparently endemic to Costa Rica. E pseudoschumannianum has very showy flowers, violet-blue dorsally, pale orange ventrally, with dense reddish brown spots, with the lip and the apex of the column violet." Adapted from Icones 8 Plate 876 Hagsater etal 2006

Synonyms Oerstedella pseudowallisii (Schltr.) Hágsater 1981

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