Lophiaris pumila (Lindl.) Braem 1993


Flower Closeup Photos by Dalton Holland Baptista.

Disected flower Photo by E Schnurr

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Common Name The Dwarf Mule-Ear Lopiaris

Flower Size less than 1/4" [5 to 8 mm]

This is a miniature sized, mule eared, hot to warm growing epiphyte with similarities to L. nanum but has smaller flowers, callus and lip, occurs in Brazil and Paraguay at lower elevetions in hot humid savannahs or in cooler montane forests with clustered, small, broadly ovoid, compressed pseudobulbs carrying a single, apical, coriaceous, suberect, oblong to ligulate, subacute leaf and blooms in winter and spring with a short branched, erect, to 6" [8 to 15 cm] long, densely multi-flowered inflorescence with coriaceous, ovate, acute bracts and small campanulate flowers. This species likes to be kept dry between watering so a cork mount is perfect if given bright light, hot to cool temperatures with year round water and a drier winter rest.

Synonyms Epidendrum ligulatum Vell. 1931; Lophiarella pumila (Lindl.) Szlach., Mytnik & Romowicz 2006; Oncidium minutiflorum Schltr. 1925; Oncidium pumilum Lindley 1825; Trichocentrum pumilum (Lindl.) M.W.Chase & N.H.Williams 2001

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