Anacamptis collina (Banks & Sol.ex Russell) R.M.Bateman, A.M.Pridgeon & M.W.Chase 1997 Photo by Pieter C. Brouwer and his Photo Website


Photo courtesy of Th.Pain and the Orchids of France and Europe

Part sunCold Winterand Spring

O papilionacea Group

Common Name The Hill-Living Anacamptis

Flower Size 1" [2.4 cm]

Found in Spain, France, Italy, Greece, the Greek islands, Turkey, Cyprus, Syria and Lebanon as a miniature to medium sized, cold growing terrestrial orchid that has 2 to 4 basal, oblong-ovate to oblong-ligulate leaves and blooms in the winter and spring on a cylindric or oblong, 2 to 20 flowered, racemose inflorescence.

Synonyms Anacamptis collina f. flavescens (So) F.M.Vzquez 2009; Anacamptis collina f. laxispicata F.M.Vzquez 2009; Anacamptis collina subsp. fedtschenkoi (Czerniak.) Kuropatkin & Efimov 2014; Anacamptis dulukae (Hautz.) B.Bock 2012; Barlia collina (Banks & Sol. ex Russell) Szlach. 2001; Herorchis collina (Banks & Sol.) D.Tyteca & E.Klein 2008; Orchis chlorotica Woronow 1909; Orchis collina Banks & Solander 1794;Orchis collina f. flavescens (So) D.Rivera & Lopez Velez 1987; Orchis collina f. purpurea Maire & Weiller 1959; Orchis collina subsp. chlorotica (Woronow) Aver. 1994; Orchis collina subsp. fedtschenkoi (Czerniak.) Aver. 1994; Orchis collina var. flavescens So 1932; Orchis dulukae Hautz.1976; Orchis fedtschenkoi Czerniak. 1922; Orchis leucoglossa Schwarz 1934; Orchis papilionacea subsp. chlorotica (Woronow) Soo 1928; Orchis saccata Tenore 1811; Orchis saccata f. flavescens (So) Raynaud 1985; Orchis saccata f. orbicularis Ruppert 1926; Orchis saccata lus. flavescens So 1932; Orchis saccata subsp. fedtschenkoi (Czerniak.) So 1927; Orchis saccata var. fedtschenkoi (Czerniak.) Hautz. 1978; Orchis sparsiflora Ten. ex Boiss. 1882; Vermeulenia chlorotca (Woronow) .Lve & D.Lve 1972; Vermeulenia collina (Banks & Sol. ex Russell) P.Delforge 2009; Vermeulenia collina f. leucoglossa (O.Schwarz) P.Delforge 2015; Vermeulenia fedtschenkoi (Czerniak.) .Lve & D.Lve 1972; Vermeulenia saccata (Ten.) .Lve & D.Lve 1972

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