Anacamptis syriaca (Boiss.ex H.Baumann & Künkele) R.M.Bateman, A.M.Pridgeon & M.W.Chase 1997

Photo courtesy of Th. Pain and the Orchids of France and Europe

Part sunCool LATE Winterand EARLY Spring

Common Name The Syrian Anacamptis

Flower Size .6" [1.5 cm]

Found in Turkey, Cyprus, Syria and Lebanon in short grasslands, garrigue, olive groves and open woodlands at elevations up to 1300 meters as a miniature to small sized, cool growing terrestrial orchid with to 5 to 9 basal, oblong-lanceolate to oblong-ovate leaves the uppermost becoming leaf sheaths and blooms in the late winter and early spring on a pyramidal, or oblong, 2 to 4" [5 to 10 cm] long, laxly to densely many [5 to 30] flowered inflorescence with the uppermost flowers opening last and lanceolate bracts.

Synonyms; Herorchis syriaca (Boiss. ex H.Baumann & Künkele) D.Tyteca & E.Klein 2008; *Orchis morio subsp. syriaca E.G.Camus 1908; Orchis morio var. libani (Renz) Soó 1932; Orchis morio var. syriaca (E.G.Camus) Soó 1932; Orchis picta subsp. libani Renz 1929; Orchis syriaca (E.G.Camus) Boiss. ex H.Baumann & Künkele 1981