!Phaius tankervilleae (Banks) Blume 1856 Photo By Lourens Grobler

Flower Closeup Photo Courtesy of Dale and Deni Borders

FragrancePart shadeWarm to Cool Spring

Common Name Nun's Orchid - Kunai [tall grass] Orchid - Emma Tankerville's Phaius [English Orchid Enthusiast]- in Thailand Ueang phrao - In Japan- Kaku-ran - Chiru-ran - Sarunkwa-bana - In China He Ding Lan

Flower Size 4 1/2" [11.5 cm]

This large, terrestrial species is a hot to warm growing native of Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, Xizang and Yunnan provinces of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Pacific Islands, Malaysia and Indonesia at elevations up to 1300 meters in lower montane woods and in grasslands in moist depressions with black soil with ovoid or conical, green pseudobulbs enveloped basally by several leaf bearing sheaths with elliptic-lanceolate, acuminate, plicate, thin-textured, petiolate leaves that blooms in the spring. The more than 4' [120 cm] long, erect, basal, racemose inflorescence, after blooming and the fall of the dead flowers, can be cut off and placed on sand in a long, plastic, plant flat and partially covered, put in a deep shaded, humid, well watered area and in 2 to 3 months, plantlets will begin to grow from the old floral bracts. After 6 months they can be transplanted into a pot. This species has become an invasive species in some countries such as Jamaica and Hawaii. In Papua the smoked flowers are eaten as a contraceptive.

Synonyms Bletia incarvillei R. Br. ?; Bletia tankervilleae R. Br. 1813; Calanthe bachmaensis Gagnep. 1950; Calanthe speciosa Viell. 1861; Dendrobium veratrifolium Roxb. 1832; Limodorum incarvilliae Pers. 1807; Limodorum incarvillei Blume 1825; Limodorum spectabile Salisb. 1796; Limodorum tancarvilleae L'Hér. 1789; *Limodorum tankervilleae Banks 1788; Pachyne spectabilis Salisb. 1812; Phaius bicolor Lindley 1831; Phaius blumei Lindley 1831; Phaius blumei Lindley var assamicus Rchb.f 1882; Phaius blumei Lindley var pulcher King & Pantl. 1898; Phaius carroni F. Muell. 1860 ; Phaius giganteus Hemsl. 1882; Phaius grandifolius Rchb.f 1828; Phaius grandifolius Lour 1790; Phaius grandifolius Lindl.1831; Phaius grandifolius var. superbus Van Houtte 1852; Phaius incarvillei O.Ktze. 1891; Phaius incarvillei O.Ktze. var speciosa; Phaius leucophaeus F. Muell. 1863; Phaius mannii Rchb.f 1878; Phaius oweniae Sander 1894; Phaius roeblingii O'Brien 1895; Phaius sinensis Rolfe 1913; Phaius tahitensis Schltr. 1926; Phaius tankervilleae f. alboflorens S.S.Ying, Coloured Ill. Fl. Taiwan 4: 798 (1992; Phaius tahitensis f. obtusa F.Br. 1930; Phaius tankervilleae f. veronicae S.Y.Hu & Barretto 1976; Phaius tankervilleae var. mariesii Rchb.f. 1882; Phaius tankervilleae var. pulchra (King & Pantl.) Karth. 1989; Phaius tankervilleae var. superbus (Van Houtte) S.Y.Hu 1974; Phaius tenuis Rchb. f. 1857; Phaius veratrifolius (Roxb.) Lindl. 1840; Tankervillia cantoniensis Link 1829

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Phaius tankervilleae var. alba [Aiton]Blume

Photo By Jay Pfahl


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