Prescottia stachyodes (Sw.) Lindl. 1836

Flower Closeup

Photo by © Christian Gegenbauer

Peruvian species

Photo by © Carlos Hajek and his Peruvian Orchid Page

Plant in situ La Caraça, Minas Gerais elevation 1100 to 1300 meters

Photo by © Jay Pfahl


Common Name The Spike-Like Prescotia

Flower Size 1/4" [5 mm]

Found in the Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Leewards, Puerto Rico, Windwards, Mexico, Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Fr Guiana, Guyana, Surinam, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina as a small to medium sized, hot to cold growing terrestrial in wet lowland forests, wet montane forests and cloud forests at elevations of 10 to 3800 meters with 2 to 3 broadly elliptic-lanceolate, attenuate to the narrow channeled petiole, acuminate, sharply pointed at the apex leaves that blooms on an erect, densly many flowered racemose inflorescence concealed by sub-inflated, tubular, acuminate bracts with clasping, concave floral bractsand carrying non-resupinate flowers held in a spiral around the rhachis occuring in nature in the fall

Synonyms *Cranichis stachyodes Sw. 1788; Prescottia colorans Lindl.1836; Prescottia colorans var. macrophylla Hoehne 1945; Prescottia galeottii Rchb.f. 1846; Prescottia gigantea Lodd. ex W.Baxter 1850; Prescottia longifolia Schltr. 1920; Prescottia longipetiolata Barb. Rodr. 1877; Prescottia paulensis Cogn. 1906; Prescottia smithii Schltr. 1920; Prescottia stachyodes var. pellucida Lehmann

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