!Psygmorchis pusilla [L.] Dodson & Dressler 1972 Photo by ©, Dalton Holland Baptista and Orchidaceae Brasilensis

Plant and Flowers Photo by Jerzy Dziedzic

Flower closeup Photo by Danny Lentz

Plant and Flower in situ Ecuador Photo by Lourens Grobler

Part sunWarm to HotFalltoSpring

Common Name The Tiny Psygmorchis

Flower Size 1" [to 2.5 cm]

Found from Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Trinidad, Venezuela, Surinam, Guyana and French Guyanan on trees and shrubs in pastures, coffee plantations and hot humid forests at elevations 500 to 950 meters as a miniature sized, hot to warm growing, fan-shaped, twig epiphyte with numerous, bilaterally compressed, lanceolate-subfalcate, acute, subfleshy leaves that blooms in the fall through the spring on a short, 3/4" [2 cm] axillary, single flowered inflorescence with ovate, acute floral bracts that are smaller than the ovary and all is shorter or equal to the length of the leaves.

Synonyms Cymbidium iridifolium Sw. ex Steud. 1840; Cymbidium pusillum Sw. 1799; *Epidendrum pusillum L. 1763; Epidendrum ventilabrum Vell. 1827; Erycina allemanii (Barb.Rodr.) N.H.Williams & M.W.Chase 2001; Erycina pusilla (L.) N.H.Williams & M.W.Chase 2001; Oncidium allemanii Barb. Rodr. 1882; Oncidium iridifolium H.B.K. 1816; Oncidium pusillum [L.] Rchb.f 1861; Oncidium pusillum var. megalanthum Schltr. 1924; Psygmorchis allemanii (Barb.Rodr.) Garay & Stacy 1974; Tolumnia pusilla (L.) Hoehne 1949

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