!Sarcoglottis acaulis (Sm.) Schltr. 1919

Flower Closeup

Side View Of Flower

Photos byDanny Lentz ©, plant grown by the Atlanta Botanical Garden


Photo courtesy of Weyman Bussey


Common Name The Stemless Sarcoglottis

Flower Size 3/4" [2 cm]

Found from El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, the Windwards, Trinidad and Tobago, Fr Guiana, Guyana, Surinam, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Brazill in tropical wet montane forests at elevations of sealevel to 1200 meters as a small to giant sized, deciduous leafed, terrestrial orchid that is warm to cool growing and has a basal rosette of obovate-elliptic, acute to subacute, velvety green above and duller green mottled with white below leaves that blooms in the winter on an erect, racemose, to 30" [75 cm] long, pubescent, several [5 to 10] flowered inflorescence with erect, lanceolate, acute bracts that are longer than the ovary.

Synonyms Arethusa picta A. Anderson 1807; Gyrostachys picta (Anders.) Kuntze 1891; Gyrostachys sarcoglottis Kuntze 1891; Narica moschata Raf. 1837; *Neottia acaulis Sm. 1806; Neottia picta [And.] R. Br. 1813; Neottia picta [And.] Sims 1813; Sarcoglottis allemanii Barb.Rodr. 1881; Sarcoglottis picta (And.) Klotzsch 1842; Sarcoglottis picta var. variegata Klotzsch 1842; Sarcoglottis speciosa C. Presl 1827; Spiranthes acaulis (Sm.) Cogn. 1895; Spiranthes acaulis var. picta (Anderson) Teusch 1974; Spiranthes allemanii (Barb.Rodr.) Cogn. 1895; Spiranthes picta [And.] Lindl. 1824; Spiranthes speciosa (C. Presl) Lindl. 1840; Synoplectris picta (Sims) Raf. 1813; Synoplectris picta (Anderson) Raf. 1837

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