SECTION Schistopetalum Schlechter 1913

Lectotype: Bulbophyllum schistopetalum Schltr. (designated by J. J. Vermeulen and O’Byrne 2008)

Characterized with distinct pseudobulbs giving rise to a single flowered inflorescence with amplexicaul floral bracts that may be tubular at the base only, the basal node of the pedicel is more than 1.5 times above the attachment of the floral bract. The free, equally long, obtuse to acuminate, margins entire, glabrous, 5 to 14 veined sepals and obtuse to acuminate, margins entire, glabrous, 5 to 12 veined petals. The mobile lip is on a thin ligament, usually undivided, elliptic or oblong to obovate to triangular, or with a wide, triangular, hastate to cordate basal part and a narrow drawn out apical part, adaxially more or less concave near the base, sometimes with 2 converging ridges, adaxial surface glabrous, sometimes partly hirsute, abaxial surface glabrous, and has a stigma with 3 inner keels and a tapering towards the apex or not, and without teeth and carries 4 pollina.

There are 10 species in this section occuring in New Guinea and eastward to Samoa

Entries below with an asterix are listed in publications by J J Vermeullen and so are more likely correct than ones without. Species with a question mark in front, seem to me to not conform and so please use with caution.

    1. *Bulbophyllum aristopetalum Kores 1989 - Fiji

    2. *Bulbophyllum barbasapientis J.J.Verm. & P.O'Byrne 2008 Sulawesi

    3. Bulbophyllum barbavagabundum J.J.Verm. 2008 western New Guinea

    4. Bulbophyllum chimaera Schltr. 1913 Papua and New Guinea

    5. *Bulbophyllum distichobulbum P.J.Cribb 1995 Samoa and Niue

    6. *Bulbophyllum filamentosum Schltr. 1913 New Guinea

    7. *Bulbophyllum fissipetalum Schltr. 1913 New Guinea

    8. *Bulbophyllum hasallii Kores 1989

    9. *!Bulbophyllum schistopetalum Schltr. 1905 Bismark Archipelago

    10. *Bulbophyllum trigonidioides J.J.Sm. 1935 western New Guinea

    References W3 Tropicos, Kew Monocot list , IPNI ; *New species of Bulbophyllum from eastern Malesia (Orchidaceae) Nordic Journal of Botany 26: 129195, 2008 Vermuellen; Genera Orchidacearum Vol 6 Epidendroideae Pt 3 Pridgeon, Cribb Chase & Ramussen 2014;