Sobralia macrantha Lindley 1836 Photo by © Dale and Deni Borders.

Another Clone Photo by Andy's Orchids Copyright © 2002 All rights reserved.


Common Name The Large-Flowered Sobralia

Flower Size 6 to 10" [15 to 25 cm]

A large sized terrestrial and rarely epiphytic, warm to cold growing species that is native to Guerrero, Oaxaca, Puebla, Veracruz and Chiapas states of Mexico, Bekize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduraas, Nicaragua and Costa Rica at elevations of 90 to 3400 meters on leaf deitrius over rocks, sandy soils or streamside with terete, clustered stems that are leafy throughout and carrying narrowly to broadly lanceolate, plicate, long acuminate spreading, rigid leaves that blooms on a short, terminal, single flowered inflorescence subtended by a large foliaceous bract and occurs from the spring till autumn with fragrant, short-lived flowers.

Distinguished form other Mexican Sobralia by the erect, cane-like unbranched stems, glabrous leaves and very large 4.4 to 8.2" [11 to 21 cm] wide pink to purple flower

Synonyms Cattleya macrantha Beer 1854; Cyathoglottis macrantha Lem. 1954

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Sobralia macrantha Lindley 1836 var compacta

Photos courtesy of David Jubineau And His Bulbophyllum & Co. Website

Sobralia macrantha var. kienastiana Rchb. f. ? Photo courtesy of Fritz Hamer Copyright © , and the Dr Leslie Garay Archives

A white with yeelow center variety of the previous species

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Sobralia macrantha var splendens ? Photo courtesy of Dr Leslie Garay Copyright © , and the Dr Leslie Garay Archives