Stanhopea oculata [Lodd.]Lindley 1832 SUBGENUS Stanhopea SECTION Wardii Photo by © Ron Parsons

Another Flower not =S gibbosa Photo by © Lourens Grobler

Another Flower? Photo by © of Jay Pfahl

Flower closeup Photo by © Dick Hartley Foxdale Orchids


Common Name The Eye-Spot Stanhopea

Flower Size 5" or more [12.5 cm]

Found from Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Colombia, Venezuela and southern Brazil? as a medium sized, warm to cold growing epiphyte on trees in humid forests or as a terrestrial on cliffs in rocky soil at 1000 to 3000 meters in altitude with obliquely ovoid, pseudobulbs carrying a single, apical, elliptic or broadly lanceolate, acute or acuminate, plicate, gradually narrows below into the elongate, petiolate base leaf, it also requires a wire basket as the showy, vanilla scented, waxy flowers descend from the bottom on a pendulous, 10" [to 25 cm] long, 5 to 9 flowered inflorescence arising on a mature pseudobulb with several distichous, inflated sheaths occuring in the summer. They like semi deep shade and mine perform well in sphagnum moss with some wood chips and charcoal added.

Synonyms *Ceratochilus oculatus Lodd.; Dendrobium grandiflorum Sw. 1829; Epidendrum cornutum Sessé & Moc. 1887; Stanhopea aurantia Lodd. ex P.N.Don 1845; Stanhopea aurea Hort. 1892; Stanhopea bucephalus Lindley 1832; Stanhopea cymbiformis Rchb.f 1865; Stanhopea guttata K.Koch 1858; Stanhopea lindleyana Zuc. ex Josst 1851; Stanhopea lindleyi Zuce 1835; Stanhopea maleolens Heller ; Stanhopea minor Schltr. 1917; Stanhopea oculata ssp. ornatissima (Lemaire) Dodson 1967; Stanhopea occulata var aurea Hort. 1892; Stanhopea oculata var. barkeri Heynh. 1846; Stanhopea oculata var. aureum Henshall 1845; Stanhopea oculata var. barkeriana Lindl. 1839; Stanhopea occulata var barkeriana Hort. 1843; Stanhopea oculata var. cinnamomum Henshall 1845; Stanhopea oculata var. conspicua Regel 1855; Stanhopea oculata var. constricta Klinge 1898; Stanhopea oculata var. crocea Regel 1856; Stanhopea oculata var. flava Planch. 1858; Stanhopea oculata [Lodd.]Lindley var genticulata Klinge; Stanhopea oculata var. lindleyi (Zuccarini) Lindley 1852; Stanhopea oculata major Lodd. 1844.; Stanhopea oculata var. meleagris Hort 1851; Stanhopea oculata var. mexicana Fowlie; Stanhopea oculata var. minor Heynh. 1846; Stanhopea oculata var. nicaraguensis Fowlie; Stanhopea oculata pallida Lodd. 1844; Stanhopea oculata var. pallida Hort. 1858; Stanhopea oculata var. viridi-aurea Hort 1942; Stanhopea ornatissima Lem. 1962; Stanhopea purpusii Schlechter 1916

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~Stanhopea oculata var. crocea Regel 1856 - See Stanhopea oculata [Lodd.]Lindley 1832

~Stanhopea oculata [Lodd.]Lindley var genticulata Klinge 1898 - See S. oculata [Lodd.]Lindley 1832

~Stanhopea oculata var. lindleyi (Zuccarini) Lindley 1852- See Stanhopea oculata [Lodd.]Lindley 1832

~Stanhopea oculata var.mexicana Fowlie - See Stanhopea oculata [Lodd.]Lindley 1832

~Stanhopea oculata var.nicaraguensis Fowlie - See Stanhopea oculata [Lodd.]Lindley 1832

~Stanhopea oculata ssp. ornatissima (Lemaire) Dodson 1967 - See Stanhopea oculata [Lodd.]Lindley 1832