Stelis ciliaris Lindl. 1836 SECTION Stelis

Photo by Eric Hagsater © and The Herbario AMO Website


Photo by © Eric Hunt

Another Flower in situ Cocora Colombia

Photo by © Jay Pfahl


Common Name The Hairy Stelis

Flower Size 3/8" [1 cm]

Found from Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Nonduras, Nicaragua,Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Vnezuela, Ecuador and Brazil in hot lowlands and wet premontane forests at elevations of sealevel to 1100 meters as a small sized, hot growing epiphyte with stout sheathed ramicauls carrying a single, apical, linear to elliptic-oblanceolate, obtuse and obliquely 3 toothed or retuse apically, erect, leathery leaf that tapers gradually, basally into a short petiole that blooms in the late fall and early winter on an erect to arching, loosely many flowered, slender, 10" + [25 cm+] long inflorescence with obliquely tubular, reddish floral bracts and has highly variable shaped flowers.

Synonyms Apatostelis ciliaris (Lindl.) Garay 1979; Apatostelis garayi Dunst. 1981; Apatostelis jimenezii (Schltr.) Garay 1979; Apatostelis pendulispica (Ames) Garay 1979; Stelis atropurpurea Hook. 1842; Stelis bruchmuelleri Rchb.f 1880; Stelis confusa Schltr. 1918; Stelis eublepharis Rchb.f. 1855; Stelis fimbriata R.K.Baker 1968; Stelis gratiosa Luer 1979; Stelis fimbriata R.K.Baker 1968; Stelis garayi (Dunst.) Carnevali & I.Ramírez 1990; Stelis jimenezii Schltr. 1918; Stelis micrantha var. atropurpurea (Hook.) Josst 1851; Stelis mystax-felis Luer & Toscano 2012; Stelis pendulispica Ames 1934; Stelis uhlii Chiron 2013

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