Tolumnia variegata (Sw.) Braem 1986

Side View Of Flower

Photo by Milan Vagner


Photo by Jay Pfahl

Floral Close-up

Photo by Dale Borders

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Common Name The Variegated Oncidium

Flower Size 1" [2.5 cm]

Found in Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and the Leeward Islands as an miniature sized,equitant, creeping, epiphyt found in dry scrub, woods or on fence posts from sealevel to 700 meters with very short, erect stems enveloped by 4 to 10, imbricate, disitichous, fleshy to coriaceous, bilaterally flattened, channeled on the upper side, linear to elliptic-lanceolate, falcate, acute to acuminate, serrulate leaves that blooms on an erect, simple or branched, to 32" [to 80 cm] long, laxly few flowered inflorescence that has lanceolate, acute bracts and has new branches and flowers appearing after the first blooms all occuring in the spring, summer and fall with 1", long-lasting flowers. I have the best luck mounting these miniature beauties to small branches, giving them medium light and plenty of air circulation.

Synonyms Cymbidium variegatum (Sw.) Sw. 1799; Epidendrum carinatum Vahl 1793; Epidendrum haseltonianum A.D.Hawkes 1957; *Epidendrum variegatum Sw. 1788; Oncidium furcyense Moir 1969; Oncidium variegatum [Sw.]Willd. 1800; Oncidium variegatum f. furcyense (Moir) Withner 1980; Oncidium variegatum f. roseum (Moir & A.D.Hawkes) Withner 1980; Oncidium variegatum f. varvelum (Moir) Withner 1980; Oncidium variegatum var. purpureum Moir & A.D.Hawkes 1968; Oncidium variegatum var. roseum Moir & A.D.Hawkes 1968; Oncidium varvelum Moir 1972; Tolumnia borinquensis Salueda & Ragan 1966

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