Trichopilia suavis Lindley & Paxton 1850-1 Photo by Lourens Grobler.

Another Clone Photo by Patricia Harding.

Flower CloseUp Photos by David Jimenez

Fragrance Full shadeWarm to CoolLATE WinterEARLY Spring

Common Name The Soft Trichopilia

Flower Size 4" [10 cm]

This medium sized, warm to cool growing epiphytic species occurs from Costa Rica to Colombia in low, mossy woods on large branches and tree trunks between 1000 and 1700 meters in elevation, and is an erect plant that has fairly round, fleshy, compressed psuedobulbs enveloped basally by several, papery, imbricating sheaths and carrying a single apical, broadly elliptic-lanceolate, pointed, coriaceous yet flexible, erect or curved, abruptly narrows below into an elongate conduplicate petiolate base leaf and up to 8" long. They have a basal inflorescence arising on a newly formed pseudobulb that is pendulous or curved, short, with 2-5 longlasting, large, fragrant floral scented flowers that occur in the late winter to early spring.

Yearly repotting, regular water while in growth and a month long cooler, well ventilated rest insure a healthy blooming plant.

Synonyms Trichopilia kienastiana Rchb.f 1883

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