!Orchis militaris L. 1753 Photo by © Pieter C. Brouwer and his Photo Website

Another Flower Photo by Th.Pain

White Color Variety Photo by © Egon Krogsgaard

Part sun Cold Spring

O militaris Group

Common Name The Helmet-Like Orchis - The Military Orchid - In China Si Lie Hong Men Lan

Flower Size 3/4" [2cm]

Found in Great Britain, Sweden, Spain, France, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Yugoslavia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Belarus, Crimea, Ukraine, all of Russia, western Siberia and Mongolia as a medium sized, cold growing, erect terrestrial from thickets on marl, limestone soils and open meadows at elevations up to 2200 meters with ovoid or ellipsoid tubers carrying basal, unmarked, shiny, oblong-lanceolate or oblong-ovate, prostrate leaves that blooms in the spring on a 3 to 5" [7.5 to 12.5 cm] long, oblong or pyramidal in shape, many [10 to 40] flowered inflorescence with violet bracts and with showy flowers.

Synonyms Orchis cinerea Schrank 1789; Orchis galeata Poiret 1789; Orchis militaris f. acuminata A.Camus 1921; Orchis militaris f. angustiloba Leimbach 1887; Orchis militaris f. angustissima W.Zimm. 1917; Orchis militaris f. arenaria Schur 1866; Orchis militaris f. intercedens Beck 1890; Orchis militaris f. longibracteata Schur 1866; Orchis militaris f. platyloba W.Zimm. 1917; Orchis militaris f. raddeana (Regel) Boiss. 1882; Orchis militaris f. sibirica Schltr. 1926;Orchis militaris f. stenoloba Döll 1857; Orchis militaris subsp. stevenii (Rchb.f.) B.Baumann & al. 2003; Orchis militaris var. berdaui Zapal. 1906; Orchis militaris var. nervata (Marchand) Tinant 1836; Orchis militaris var. perplexa Beck 1890; Orchis militaris var. spathulata Cortesi 1903; Orchis militaris var. stevenii (Rchb.f.) Nyman 1882; Orchis militaris var. tenuifrons P.D.Sell in P.D.Sell & G.Murrell 1996; Orchis militaris var. tripartita M.Schulze 1902; Orchis mimusops Thuill 1799; Orchis nervata Marchand 1827; Orchis punctulata subsp. stevenii (Rchb.f.) H.Sund. 1980; Orchis raddeana Regel 1869; Orchis rivini Gouan 1775; Orchis rivini f. angustiloba Leimbach 1887; Orchis rivini f. vulgaris Leimbach 1887; Orchis rivini var. albiflora Thielens 1874; Orchis rivini var. stenoloba Marchal 1874; Orchis simia subsp. stevenii (Rchb.f.) E.G.Camus 1908; Orchis stevenii Rchb.f. 1849; Orchis tephrosanthos var. caucasica Steven ex Rchb.f. 1850; Orchis tephrosanthos var. macrophylla Lindl. 1835; Strateuma militaris (L.) Salisb. 1812; Zoophora atropurpurea Bernh. 1800; Zoophora rubella Bernh. 1800

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