SECTION Bulbophyllum G A Fischer & J J Vermeullen in prep

TYPE = Bulbophyllum nutans [Thouars] Thouars 1822

Characterized by being epiphytes or lithophytes with a creeping rhizome giving rise usually well spaced or densely clustered, 1 to 2 leaved pseudobulbs carrying thin, coriaceous, sometimes succulent, oblong to lanceolate leaves, blooming with an erect, terete but never thickened and in some species setaceous, many flowered inflorescence with resupinate, often white or yellowish brownish, rarely red flowers with often transparent sepals and petals that are never fimbriate. The glabrous lip is mostly white but can be red or yellow, is curved-geniculate but never fimbriate. The column foot is short and free and part of the column foot is elongate. The stelida are rarely as long as the anther and carry 4 pollina.

There are at least 32 species occurring in Madagascar, the Mascarenes and the Comoros in humid forests at all elevations.

Entries below with an asterix are listed in publications by J J Vermeullen and so are more likely correct than ones without. Species with a question mark in front, seem to me to not conform and so please use with caution.

  1. *Bulbophyllum brachystachyum Schltr. 1924 Madagascar

  2. Bulbophyllum densum Thouars 1822 Madagascar, the Mascarenes and Reunion

  3. Bulbophyllum francoisii H.Perrier 1937 Madagascar

  4. Bulbophyllum liparidioides Schltr. 1924 Madagascar

  5. *!Bulbophyllum nutans (Thouars) Thouars 1822 Madagascar and Zanzibar

  6. Bulbophyllum sp. Madagascar

References W3 Tropicos, Kew Monocot list , IPNI ; Genera Orchidacearum Vol 6 Epidendroideae Pt 3 Pridgeon, Cribb Chase & Ramussen 2014