Bulbophyllum papilligerum Aver. 2019 SECTION Cirrhopetalum [Lindl.] Rchb.f 1861

Photo by Leonid Averyanov and K.S. Nguyen, Phytotaxa 404 (6): 231244 Aver. & Vuong 2019 New species of Bulbophyllum (Orchidaceae) in the flora of Vietnam II


Common Name The Papillae Carrying Bulbophyllum [refers to the bunch of long, many-celled, fleshy papillae on abaxial surface of petals near the apex]

Flower Size .56 to .6" [1.4 to 1.5 cm] long

Found in northwestern Vietnam in primary broad-leaved evergreen forests on karstic rocky limestone at elevations of 1000 to 1100 meters as a miniature sized, cool growing epiphyte with a branching, creeping rhizome giving rise to erect, .16 to .48" [4 to 12 mm] betweeen each, grassy green, narrowly ovoid to ovoid, slightly oblique, wrinkled pseudobulbs carrying a single, apical, rigid, narrowly ovate to oblong-elliptic, apex obtuse to shortly emarginate, narrowing at the base into very short petiole-like leaf that blooms in the late spring and early summer on a basal, peduncle erect, 2 to 5.6" [5 to 14 cm] long, basally covered by few scarious or papyraceous dull grey sheaths with 1 to 2, tubular, scarious, obtuse bracts, rachis very short, .04 to .1" [1 to 2.5 mm] long, held in an apical head-like umbel, simultaneously several to many flowered inflorescence with white, narrowly triangular, acute, shorter than the ovary floral bracts.

"Among species of this section, it may be solely compared with Bulbophyllum flaviflorum (Tang, S. Liu & H.Y. Su) Seidenf., Bulbophyllum hirundinis (Gagnep.) Seidenf. and Bulbophyllum pecten-veneris (Gagnep.) Seidenf. From these species, the newly discovered plant differs in having an erect scape (vs. scape pendulous or horizontal, down arching), headlike inflorescence (vs. umbellate inflorescence when flowers are spaced in one plane), smaller flowers .56 to .6" [1.41.5 cm] long (vs. flowers longer than .8" [2 cm]), lateral sepals free along lower margin, slightly broadening to obtuse or blunt apex (vs. lateral sepals joined along lower margin, tapering to acuminate or caudate apex), petals round at apex (vs. petals acute), bunch of fat long papillae on abaxial surface near petal apex (vs. petals ciliate or fimbriate along the margin, hairless on abaxial surface), adaxial surface of petal apex with many dense short conical glass-like papillae (vs. petal surface with no particular glass-like papillae), nor particular stelidia (vs. stelidia prominent, subulate), anther margin slightly erose (vs. frontal anther margin distinctly denticulate or fimbriate)." Averyanov 2019


References W3 Tropicos, Kew Monocot list , IPNI ; * Phytotaxa 404 (6): 231244 Aver. & Vuong 2019 New species of Bulbophyllum (Orchidaceae) in the flora of Vietnam II Drawing/photo fide