Bulbophyllum torajarum J.J.Verm. & P.O'Byrne 2008 SECTION Macrocaulia (Bl.) Aver 1994

TYPE Drawing

Photo/TYPE Drawing by J J Vermeulen

Full Shade Cold fall Winter

Common Name The Torajah Bulbophyllum [Tana Torajah, an area of south Sulawesi]

Flower Size

Found in Sulawesi in montane forest often on the bottom of thin branches of small trees at elevations of 1900 to 2500 meters as a mini-miniature sized, cold growing epiphyte with a creeping rhizome with .16 to .28" [.4 to .7 cm] between each, ovate, basal half prostrate on and fused to the rhizome, so that the new pseudobulbs arise c. half-way up the old pseudobulbs carrying a single, apical, erect, elliptic, obtuse, narrowing below into the petiolate base leaf that blooms in the fall and winter on a erect to patent, peduncle .72 to 1.12" [1.8 to 2.8 cm] long, provided with 2 bracts, the longest ca .072" [1.8 mm] long. 1.2 to 1.6" [3 to 4 cm] long, single flowered inflorescence carrying fully opening flowers.

"In the general flower shape B. torajarum is most similar to B. catenarium Ridl.. These both have a lip that, when spread out, widens abruptly at ? of its length. The margins are folded backwards and meeting over the adaxial surface. B. torajarum differs from B. catenarium Ridl in the shape of the lip without spreading: it narrows gradually towards the tip, without a distinct constriction at the level where the margins meet over the abaxial surface, as in the other two. It furthermore differs in having a triangular (not an elliptic) median sepal." J.J.Verm. & P.O'Byrne 2008


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